Our Suppliers

We respect who produces our food and where and how it is being produced. So we sought out some of the best producers from all over New Zealand to bring you the most delicious doggytreats!

Wairarapa Eggs - Free Range

Wairarapa Eggs take great pride in providing their chickens with the best of care. Their free range hens have access to a great range of bugs, places to dust-bath, shelter and shade.  When it comes to laying their nutritious eggs, their birds can move into private nesting boxes away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the flock; creating delicious, nutritious free range eggs!


Cabernet Foods Wairarapa


Cabernet Foods provide grass-fed, naturally raised and ethically farmed meat. From the farm gate to your doggytreats plate!





Freshfields capture nature's goodness by processing fresh, quality apples grown in Nelson and Hawkes Bay. You'll find their delicious, apple puree in our Free Range Bacon & Parmesan Cheese doggytreats.   


 This is a new website. More of our suppliers will be listed on this page soon!