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Cow Hoof

Cow Hoof

Cow Hooves are a time consuming chewing challenge! Yes, the longest lasting chew of them all.  Cow Hooves are super tough and can literally last for days on end! 

Their nutritional compound is similar to bones - with their main minerals being calcium and phosphorous. Cow Hooves are typically 90% crude protein, meaning they are full of amino acids which help support muscle growth and maintenance.  

Size and colour vary depending on the size / breed of cow. 

Beef hooves are not suitable for puppies younger than 16 weeks, dogs with bad teeth or elderly dogs. 

Always supervise your dog with hard chews and remove when they have become small enough to cause a choking hazard.  

Free Range | Low Fat | High Protein | Grain Free

Ingredients: 100% Beef Hoof, no additives, no preservatives, no processing aids


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    100% Natural New Zealand doggytreats made with real food from the farm. We bring you natural, nutritious, delicious doggytreats. Woof!

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