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Goat Ear

Goat Ear

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Goat Ear's are high in protein and low in fat.  An excellent chew for the any sized dog but they're a particularly good sized chew for little dogs.  They are full of chondroitin so are excellent aid for the dog with arthritis.  Another great chew for cleaning your fur-friends teeth and promoting gum health. 

Goat Ear's are an excellent hypoallergenic alternative to pigs and cows ears.

Low Fat | High Protein | Grain Free

Ingredients: 100% Goat Ear, no additives, no preservatives, no processing aids


As a general rule:

Goat's Ears – Small to Medium to Large dogs

Cow's Ears – Medium to Large dogs - but I've seen lots of little dogs devour them too!

Pig's Ears – Small to Medium to Large dogs

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